Road To Dragons
Thanks to all our fans, Road to Dragons has hit its two-year mark with 3 million downloads worldwide!

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A world in which people fight dragons...

Over thousands of years, people battled bravely against throngs of dragons, making great sacrifices. As the battle entered its seventh round, the people were finally even with the dragons.

But it was then that the Great Disaster struck the world…

An army of Giant Gorger Dragons, the true enemy of this world, came and devoured all, destroying everything in its path!

And the world was left in darkness. 17 years have passed since...

According to a magic tome, a Chosen One exists who shall summon the heroes to serve him. When the Chosen One awakens in the kingdom's capital, the time will have come for this story to begin….

Pick panels to create paths to fight!

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Pick a panel and touch it to create a path for your heroes as they advance toward the dragon! Or chain-attack your enemy by connecting more panels! Open the path with your own hands in this panel-action RPG, Road to Dragons!

Summon heroes from the magic tome!

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When a monster is defeated, you can gain magic tomes to summon heroes! The stronger the enemy you defeat, the stronger the hero! Collect as many heroes as you can and put together your strongest battle party ever!

Lots of characters will help you in this great adventure!

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Each character has a unique story,personalized weapons, special powers, a distinct personality and totally cool attack moves!Recruit them all for your party andlet the adventure begin!

Zillions of special quests and events to enjoy!

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As you advance on the game,many story related events will pop up for you to play.Highly addictive gameplay and engaging stories await!

Tap the map to start your adventure!

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A vast, unexplored world is wating for you.As your quest progresses, you will discoverwondrous territories and even new continents!

Play with friends to beat difficult dragons!

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Connect with friends in the game to borrow one of their trained heroes! Team up to battle hard-to-bead enemies, make lots of friends and defeat those enemies together!

In Road to Dragons, all you need to do is pick panels and touch them!
You can create your own path and fight monsters and dragons in this panel-action RPG!