Build Your Very Own Fort
And SMAAASH Up The Competition!

An Important Announcement

Legend tells of a Temple in the Sky, where a vast treasure is said to lie. It is here that the legendary warrior of yore is said to have imprisoned the Dark Dragon of the Apocalypse...

In peacetime, ranks of warriors found themselves out of work. Things looked dire...until one warrior began to build a fort-- one tall enough to reach the fabled treasures of the Temple in the Sky. Soon, other warriors followed, triggering a fierce fort-building race! Warriors started raiding each others' forts in a race to reach the Temple and claim the treasure in the sky!

Will the legends prove to be true? Find out in FORT RAIDERS SMAAASH!

SMAAASH Up Forts to Earn Resources!

App Screenshot

DESTROY all the facilities on one level of a fort to bring it crashing down and earn a bunch of resources! When you time the destruction of a fort’s facilities just right, you can take down many levels at a time! Triggering a chain like this lets you earn more and better resources.

Retry Past Raids to Reclaim Resources!

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Take your eyes off your fort for just one minute and suddenly it’s been raided – and your resources stolen! But wait, you have a second chance! Retry a raid, change the course of history and win back some of your precious resources!

Upgrade Your Fort and Warriors!

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Raising the level of facilities in your fort lets you make more resources, hire more warriors, and get other benefits! You can research warriors at the Academy to turn them into elite warriors with even cooler outfits! Oh yeah!

Build the Tallest Fort Of Them All!

Build up your fort using blocks and fortify it with powerful facilities! Produce and store resources and hire warriors to do your dirty work and protect it!

SMAAASH Your Opponents' Forts in Raids!

Hire warriors and legendary Heroes to raid other’s forts and get their resources! When you smash up a fort you earn the resources that went into building it; use these resources to fortify your own fort!

But look out! Your opponents have the same idea! You'll have to hire guards and build artillery to protect your own fort.